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L E A R N    M O D E

In Learn mode, BeTooth™ will show you a scroll down list featuring the image of each tooth, along with its distinctive number in each of the three major numbering systems: Universal, International, and Palmer Notation.

Once you've studied each tooth individually you can click on chart at the bottom left side of the screen, this will change the list to chart view, showing each tooth's position according to it's place in each of the quadrants of the mouth: Mandibular Right, Maxillary Right, Mandibular Left and Maxillary Left.

A doulbe tap on a quadrant will zoom in on that quadrant, another doulbe tap will zoom out back to the full chart view. A tap on the back button at the center of the chart will return to list view.

From the list view a great feature to assist in remembering where to start for both Universal and International systems, is to tap on the camera icon at the top right side of the screen, from there you choose a picture from your Library that features a face, BeTooth™ will then detect the mouth and overlay the chart on the picture for positional reference.

Click on image for zoomed example of a quadrant

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