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C A R I E S   D E T E C T I O N

The goal of the caries detection module is to teach users how to locate and detect caries. This module will improve the skills and knowledge of students in dental schools, as well as general practitioners and dental hygienists.

The emphasis of the module is to expose the user to many x-rays and images of caries that affect patients, training the user to detect caries correctly. In the first part the user will have to probe a virtual mouth with various teeth affected by Caries, the user will have to successfully detect all of the Caries present while examining tooth 1 to 32. In the second part, the user will review various x-ray images, some with and some without Caries, the user will have to make correct detection and avoid stating Caries are found in healthy teeth. Finally the user will be given instruction on how to use other methods of Caries detection such as radiographs, having to show his ability of using these methods afterwards in a set of images and questions.

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