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M A N U A L D E X T E R I T Y™

ManualDexterity™ focuses on a person's ability to perform activities in a 3D environment that require hand-eye coordination. These activities are essential during the execution of dentistry tasks. This game will teach, train and test dental students, professionals and other users on performing tasks skillfully, developing manual dexterity in the process.

The first objective of this game is to allow users to familiarize themselves with the hardware and software of the simulator of the Individual Dental Education Assistant. The second objective is to provide the users with a training tool to hone their hand-eye coordination skills. The third and final objective is to allow the schools or dental offices to assess incoming applicants, and determine if they have mastered the level of manual dexterity necessary to handle dental tools and the patient's mouth.

The game environment is a surface with marked path covered with removable material; the user has control of a dental drill he must use to clear the marked paths of all removable material. The user must carve without deviating from the marked path, while at the same time making sure to not carve too deep into the surface. In more advanced levels, the user will face upside down where the carving path will only be visible with the use of a mirror. These more advanced levels will hone the skill of working with a mirror In time this module will grant better understanding of operating dental tools within a patient's mouth, perfecting accuracy and correct pressure level while using a dental tool.

ManualDexterity™ - Level 1

ManualDexterity™ - Level 3

ManualDexterity™ - Cube with Mirror

ManualDexterity™ - Line with Mirror

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