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O R A L M E D™

As the only physicians who regularly see healthy patients, Dentists have a great opportunity to save lives through early detection of life-threatening systemic disease with oral manifestation. The oral medicine module will be used to hone the skills of such early detection by general practitioners and students alike, increasing the potential of dental professionals to save lives. This module will contain 10 to 15 oral-condition cases that will teach the user how to diagnose and treat various oral pathologies.

The emphasis of the module is to expose the user to numerous images and graphics resulting from disease as will be seen by dental professionals. The user will practice the instant identification of various conditions represented in the images.

This module will include tests that will evaluate the progress, knowledge and capabilities of the user.

The game environment is on N x N matrix, where N can change to give more or less rows and columns for different levels. The user will need to match names of medical conditions with their pictures as well as methods of treatment. As the user matches series, a bonus bar fills up. When the bonus bar is full the user will get into a bonus stage. In a bonus stage the user is presented with a question and an image, and will have to answer correctly multiple question style. This will promote memorization of certain medical conditions a dentist is able to spot earlier than physicians and could help save lives.

Oral Medicine Level

Oral Medicine Bonus Stage

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